Elevate Your Group Trips

3 hours of climbing for $26.55/person* +HST (minimum 10 climbers)

Participants have the opportunity to push themselves while being physically active and learning new skills. Perfect for school field trips, university clubs and any other groups that want to try something fun together!

3-hour group events are generally available between 9am and 4pm on weekdays. We cannot accommodate large groups during March Break, Winter Break, July or August. A deposit is required to confirm the booking, and the group leader must pay the balance in full on arrival.

To check availability, give us a call at 416-398-7625 or email at at least two weeks in advance. Please let us know how many participants you expect, as well as their ages.

*This price is only available during our off-peak times (ending by 6pm on weeknights, or starting at or after 6pm on weekends). Peak-hour events are typically unavailable, but cost $35.40/person + HST when we are able to accommodate them.

Group Options

Children 13 and Under

Children 13 and under can enjoy top-rope climbing, bouldering and our auto-belay area under the close supervision of our staff (staff-to-climber ratio of 1:6). Our staff take care of all safety measures such as proper use of climbing equipment.

Children 14 or Older

Children 14 or older have the opportunity to take our Intro Lesson. Participants will learn how to belay, boulder, and use auto-belay devices. After this ~1-hour long training, they are qualified to climb independently.

Safety First

True North Climbing takes extra care to make our facility as safe as possible. The climbing area is entirely padded, from the 6” padding in the roped areas to 12” in the advanced bouldering area. Our padding is seamless to reduce the chance of injury when landing on the edge of a pad. All of our Instructors are certified (by ACMG or CWA) and have first aid training. As well, we have climbing helmets available at no additional charge for school boards that require them.

Important Note: Please ensure that every child arrives with a properly completed Facility Waiver form signed and initialed by their parent. Any child that arrives without this necessary form will not be allowed to participate. We require that the teacher organizing a group visit collect all the waiver forms several days before your event, and carefully review them to make sure all parent initials and signatures are filled in.

We are on the approved field trip vendor list for the Simcoe Country District School Board and for Scouts Canada.