Welcome to True North Climbing! To make your first visit comfortable and as smooth as possible, please review this guide to familiarize yourself with what we offer.

Mandatory Waiver

Before you can start climbing, first-time visitors must sign our waiver. For climbers under 18, the waiver needs to be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers expire after two years, or when a child turns 18. You can get a head start on your visit by filling out the waiver online. 

Ways to Climb

Once you’re ready, you can decide how you wish to climb. There are four styles of indoor climbing at True North:

  • Top Rope
  • Auto Belays
  • Bouldering
  • Lead Climbing

For first-time climbers, top roping and auto belays are the best options. 

Top Rope

Top rope climbing happens on the taller walls, where the climber ties into a climbing rope that goes to the top of the wall, through an anchor system, and back to a belayer, who manages the rope with a belay device.

The majority of climbing routes in True North are set up for top rope. Before you can use them, and to get the most out of our gym for your first time, you’ll need to take the Intro Lesson.

If you’re a seasoned climber, we will need you to do a belay test before you can start climbing.

Auto Belays

Auto belays allow a climber to do tall routes without a belay partner. We have 12 Perfect Descent auto belay systems in use. Now you can climb higher, even without a partner! After a quick orientation, you’ll be set to climb on your own.


Bouldering is climbing without the use of ropes and harnesses, typically on terrain that is shorter. All you need is climbing shoes. For your first time bouldering, you’ll have to go through a bouldering safety orientation before you can start climbing.

Lead Climbing

Lead climbing is roped climbing where the climber leads with the rope, and clips it into bolted anchors with a carabiner called ‘quickdraw’ as they progress up the wall. This requires more experience and knowledge to minimize the dangers involved with leading.

If you have been climbing for a year or more and want to challenge yourself, consider taking our lead climbing course.  

If you already lead climb, but it’s your first time at True North, we’ll need you to take a lead belay test before you can start climbing. Please call ahead to ensure we have staff on hand to accommodate your test.

Things to Bring

You’ll work up a nice sweat, so some comfortable, athletic clothing that lets you move freely would be ideal. Showers are available for you to freshen up after a good climbing session. Please bring your own towel.

Flip-flops if you expect to be taking off your climbing shoes often. They can fit very snugly, and it’s good to give your feet some air.

Hair elastic if you have long hair.

Bring a water bottle, as we don’t sell packaged water. There is a water fountain for you to fill up on H2O.

Bring a lock to secure your valuables. We also have locks for sale if you need.

Climbing with Kids

Here are some options:

1. You can take the free Auto Belay orientation and get a Day Pass for your kids. You’ll need to stay close to supervise and help clip them in at the auto belay stations.

2. You can boulder with your kids and perhaps return another time without the kids to take the Intro Lesson.

3. You can book your kids into a Weekend Scramble Sessionwhich is two hours of belay service on the weekends, during which time you could take an Intro Lesson, or sit back and relax.

4. If there are two adults, you can take turns, one bouldering with the kids while the other takes the Intro Lesson.

5. If your children are mature enough, they can accompany you in the Intro Lesson as your climber (or take the lesson with you, if they are 13 or older).

Important Notes:  If you’re bringing kids under 18, that are not your own, make sure they arrive with a signed waiver from their parent. If you are bringing a group of kids under 13, please ensure there is at least one adult per 2 children to provide proper supervision and keep them safe. Children 3 and under climb for free, but require even closer supervision (1 adult per child).

Retail Gear

As you progress through your climbing journey, the gear you use will play a vital role in your experience. Whether you are just starting out and in need of your first harness, or a globe-trotting mountaineer looking for something specific, our retail selection can cater to your needs. If you have questions about any of the products that we offer, please free feel to chat with our friendly staff at the front desk.