Kids Love to Climb

Our Youth Recreational Program is one of the best in the city for kids to jump into the world of climbing.

In the program, kids will focus on learning the fundamentals of climbing: body positioning, footwork, and movement. In addition, they will understand the variety of climbing holds, what climbing grades mean, and all the terminology to turn them into proper climbers.

Age Groups: Age 7-9, Age 10-12, Age 13-17

Each lesson typically begins with a warm-up followed by a mix of challenges, exercises/drills, bouldering and top rope time.

The younger age groups typically play more games and activities to teach terms and techniques, to keep it fun and engaging.

The program fee includes use of climbing shoes, harness, and chalk, as well as a Rec Program t-shirt.

Program Details

The program is structured by a tiered system for each age group. This allows for more schedule options for parents to choose from, and more specific classes based on skill level.
  • Level 1: New to climbing, first time to True North Rec Program, limited exposure to climbing. Focus on top rope climbing and learning basic technique and terminology (1 class/week).
  • Level 2: Some experience with the Rec Program, demonstrates fundamental climbing techniques and know general climbing terminology. Focus on proper technique, and learning the sport (1 class/week).
  • Level 3: Extensive experience with Rec Program, demonstrates advanced climbing techniques and know most climbing terminology. Focus on good technique, lessons and some training (1 class/week).
  • Advanced: Pre-approval and prior True North Rec Program experience required. Serious about climbing and has given thought to competitive climbing. Focus on great technique, training, and preparation for competitive climbing. Cost will be 2x the price of one session, as there will be 2 classes per week. Please contact for consideration.


New registrations for Fall 2019 session will open on Aug 6, 2019.

Please register in person or by phone. Registration is not confirmed until payment has been received. We do not hold bookings without payment.

Kids must be the age of the group they are registering for at the start of the program – no exceptions.

Programs may be subject to change. 

If you have any questions about the programs please call us at (416) 398-7625, or email

Session Schedule

Price includes HST.

Fall 2019 (10 classes) – $361.60

First week: Sep 6-12, 2019
No classes: Oct 11-17, Oct 31, 2019
Last week: Nov 22-28, 2019
Winter 2020 (8 classes) – $289.28
First week: Jan 10-16, 2020
No classes: Feb 14-20, 2020
Last week: Mar 6-12, 2020
Spring 2020 (10 classes) – $361.60
First week: Mar 27-April 2, 2020
No classes: April 10-16, May 15-21, 2020
Last week: June 12-18, 2020