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Youth Recreational Program

We think kids ROCK at TNC – and so does our Youth Rec Program! 

When we began True North Climbing, in 2010, our vision was to create a fun place where the whole family could feel at home – especially kids!  Since we opened, we’ve had thousands of kids come through our doors and the reviews are in – kids really do love to climb!

Youth Recreational Program 

(Ages 6-8, 8-10, 10-13, 13-17)

The Youth Recreational Program focuses on learning and refining the fundamentals of climbing: body position, footwork and movement, as well as learning hold types, grades and all the terminology to turn them into proper climbers!

More Details

The program runs three times a year: fall, winter and spring.  Each program is 8-10 sessions long.  For kids in the 6-8 & 8-10 year old groups, each session is 90 minutes long; for those in the 10-12 & 13-17 year old groups, each session is 2 hours long.  Each lesson typically begins with a warm up followed by a mix of challenges, exercises/drills, bouldering and top rope time.   The younger age groups typically play more games and activities to teach terms and techniques, to keep it fun and engaging. Kids in the older two categories also have the opportunity to learn how to top rope belay in a safe, supervised environment.

Registration is open to all levels of ability and no experience is necessary.  The equipment required – shoes, harness and chalk, is included during the sessions.

For more details download: 

TNC Youth Brochure

Registration for the Spring 2018 Youth Rec Program
begins March 6th
Winter session starts week of January 5-11 and ends week of March 2-8.
No classes during the week of February 16-22.
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