True North Climbing remains closed until further notice.

(Updated June 8, 2021)

True North Climbing is remaining closed until further notice.

Ontario is starting to reopen, moving to Step 1 of the new reopening plan (details at on June 11th.

Climbing gyms and other indoor sports & recreation facilities may not open until the province moves to Step 3, which would be no sooner than 6 weeks after entering Step 1 (i.e., no sooner than July 23rd). The criteria for entering Step 3 include 70 to 80% of adults vaccinated with one dose and 25% vaccinated with two doses, along with other criteria related to case numbers continuing to drop further.

Indoor day camps are allowed at Step 1, and some have asked if we are ready to run day camp. There are detailed rules and regulations guiding how day camps must be run. After reviewing all this with the senior staff, I have decided that we will not be running our day camps any time soon. The reasons are:

  • Our staff are not yet fully vaccinated.
  • The children attending day camp would be almost entirely unvaccinated.
  • While the daily case numbers have been coming down nicely recently, they are still significantly high, and the variants of concern are a real threat. They spread much more easily than the original virus, and the vaccines do not provide full protection against all of them.
  • The policies needed to keep kids at camp and our staff as safe as possible, while also conforming to the provincial regulations, would be very difficult to enforce. This is especially true with a group of kids who will likely be already highly energized by being able to attend camp after months at home. We are not confident that we can control that situation enough to provide the level of protection we want for both our staff and customers.
  • I don’t want to pressure staff to work in an environment that they may not consider to be safe.


We will continue to monitor the state of things, and will announce any resumption of services when we feel it’s safe and appropriate to do so. We’re close to getting through this, but I don’t want to celebrate completing the hard climb until we have both hands in control on the finish hold.

Recreational and Competitive Youth Programs remain on hold. All memberships remain frozen with no billing or freeze fees until further notice. You cannot imagine how much we appreciate the trust of those who have been patient about this!

John Gross

Owner, True North Climbing