Vaccination Policy Update

Effective Monday, August 30th, entry to True North Climbing will be limited to those who have been fully vaccinated (2 shots of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca completed at least 2 weeks prior to entry).

With the 4th wave being driven by the more-contagious Delta variant, and with kids returning to school shortly, we have decided to take this additional precaution in order to further protect our staff and customers. Full vaccination greatly reduces the risk of contracting the virus. Because it appears vaccination does not eliminate the risk of transmission, masks will continue to be required at all times.

As there is not yet a secure and reliable way to prove vaccination status, this policy will initially be on the honour system. All staff and customers will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated before entry. As soon as the vaccine passport system being developed by the federal government is available, we will use that to verify vaccination status.