As our expenses rise over time, we need to adjust pricing once in a while, and it’s that time again.

This year we have made substantial investments in improving the gym, including replacing all the open-cell foam in the flooring to restore a firm, even surface, and building some additional terrain (more slab!) along the north wall.

On top of this, the provincial government is raising the minimum wage dramatically, resulting in a significant increase in the wages we pay our staff (both those earning minimum wage and those earning higher rates). We support this initiative, and have decided not to wait until January 1, 2018 when the law requires the higher rates; all of our part-time staff will be getting a big raise in October or earlier!

Most of the pricing changes will take effect October 1, 2017; EFT members will start paying the new rate as of the October 10th billing. Here are the new prices (including HST):

Day Pass: $22

Discount Day Pass: $19

10 Visit Pass: $198.00

Discount 10 Visit Pass: $171.20


1 Month Prepaid Membership: $84.75

1 Month Discount Prepaid Membership: $74.58

1 Month EFT Membership: $71.19

1 Month Discount EFT Membership: $62.15

Annual Prepaid Membership: $734.50

Discount Annual Prepaid Membership: $649.75


Birthday Party: $40/participant

Weekend Scramble Session: $40/participant


Members may extend their membership by buying prepaid months or a year at the old rates until the end of September. Thank you for your understanding, and for supporting our business and our employees!