Global Climbing Day is August 18! DAY PASSES AND LESSONS ARE SOLD OUT!

First Time

Welcome to TNC – one of the best indoor climbing gyms in Canada! 

Our large (12,000 square feet), clean and air-conditioned facility is home to some of the best and safest indoor climbing you’ll find anywhere.

New to climbing? 

No worries!  We believe climbing is for everyone!  Regardless of your stage, age or ability, we have hundreds of different top-rope, lead routes, and bouldering problems, with the right level of difficulty for beginners to professional monkeys! 

Why rock climb?

Rock climbing is a fun and challenging adventure!  This sport exercises the mind and body, developing your problem-solving skills, motivation and confidence, as well as your core strength, balance and co-ordination.  What’s not to love???

Getting Started

If you’re raring to go, and simply want to jump on a wall and boulder (climb a low wall without ropes), you can come in, without an appointment, pay for a day pass, sign a Waiver, and after a brief orientation – you’re good to go!

However, the best way to start for new climbers is to take our 1 Hour Introductory Lesson.  This will allow you to get the most out of your first experience at TNC!

What if I’m new to climbing and want to bring my kids?

If you are a first-time climber and want to bring your kids to climb, here are some of your options…

1.  You can boulder with your kids and perhaps return another time without the kids to take the 1 Hour Introductory Lesson.

2.  You can book your kids into a  Weekend Scramble Session, which is two hours of belay service on Saturday or Sunday, during which time you could take an Intro Lesson, or just sit back and relax.

3.  If there are two adults, you can take turns, one bouldering with the kids while the other takes the 1 Hour Introductory Lesson.

4.  If your children are mature enough, they can accompany you in the 1 Hour Introductory Lesson as your climber (or take the lesson with you, if they are 13 or older).

Important Notes:  If you’re bringing kids under 18, that are not your own, make sure they arrive with a signed Waiver from their parent. f you are bringing a bunch of kids under 13, please ensure there is at least one adult per 3 children to provide proper supervision and keep them safe.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, athletic clothing that lets you move freely. If you wear shorts, avoid very short shorts, as they can be uncomfortable with the harness straps. Bring flip-flops if you expect to be taking off your climbing shoes often (they can fit very snugly, and some people like to give their feet a break!). Those with long hair should bring a hair elastic to tie it up. A water bottle is a good idea. Note that we do not sell bottled water (out of concern for the environment); we have a water fountain providing all the clean water you want for free! Bring a lock to secure your valuables (or you can buy one from us); there are lots of lockers in each change room.

Why do I need to sign a Waiver?

Our goal at True North Climbing is to take all reasonable steps to reduce the inherent risks of indoor rock climbing to an absolute minimum, and to make sure all our customers are aware of the best ways to manage them.  By signing the waiver, you acknowledge the risks and take responsibility to climb safely as per our Rules & Safety.

TNC Waiver
February 20, 2015 ptmvinson