COVID-19 Policies

(last updated June 22nd, 2022)

Please read these policies carefully before coming to the gym.

We suggest refreshing this page to ensure you are seeing the most up-to-date version of our policies.

Please note that harassment, abuse or intimidation (physical, verbal or otherwise) of staff or other customers will not be tolerated under any circumstances, including in relation to the enforcement of these policies. Any person(s) responsible for harassment, abuse or intimidation will be removed from the gym at the staff’s discretion.

We have adopted a number of policies designed to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. This is very different from how they were before the pandemic, and we ask for your help and cooperation in adapting. Please review all policies carefully. We started with many restrictions to be extra careful, and are reassessing each week. We will relax these constraints going forward based on case and hospitalization numbers, staff and customer comfort, and other metrics.

We ask for your patience and kindness to help make this work. Climbers who repeatedly violate these policies will be asked to leave, for the comfort and safety of our staff and other customers. Again, we have no tolerance for abuse or harassment of our staff or customers. Thank you for your support as we work our way back to something close to normal.

Recent updates/highlights:

  • Masks are now only required on Tuesday mornings (opening until noon). everyone entering the gym, including children younger than 12, must wear a mask during that time. Masks with vents/holes, masks made of unsuitable materials, gaiters/scarves and other less effective face coverings are not allowed, as they provide little to no protection for others.
Before You Come to The Gym
  • Participants who do not have active memberships are encouraged to book online. Occupancy will be limited to avoid over-crowding. Walk-ins may be accepted if we have space, but we cannot guarantee this. Here is the online booking form.
  • Non-member climbing session times are no longer limited. Non-members can book for a certain check-in window and stay as long as they like.
  • Do not come to climb if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, if you live with anyone who has COVID, or if you have reason to believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 5 days.
While You Are At The Gym
  • All visitors to the gym must check in and check out on every visit.
  • The water fountain is out of service. The bottle filling spout is still available.
  • Please respect others’ space and avoid crowding.
  • Do not use a rope or auto belay line if someone is climbing on an adjacent line. Be aware of other climbers on the bouldering walls and keep your distance. Avoid climbing on problems that may intersect or pass too close to other climbers. This is not only due to COVID – it is generally good climbing etiquette.
  • There will be occupancy limits in some areas of the gym (e.g. fitness area, bouldering wall) to avoid over-crowding. Please respect the staff when they enforce these limits.
Youth supervision
  • Kids ages 5-12 require close 2:1 adult supervision at all times (i.e. maximum 2 kids per adult, close enough to communicate without raising your voices, or to intervene if they get into a dangerous situation).
  • Kids under 5 years old require close 1:1 adult supervision at all times.
Frozen Memberships
Memberships that were frozen prior to July 10th will remain frozen without any freeze fees until July 10th, at which point all frozen memberships will be converted to prepaid memberships that can be started any time without paying freeze fees and may be held indefinitely. We will resume freeze fees ($12 for 30 days minimum + $0.40 per additional day) on memberships that are frozen on or after July 10th.ended on