Youth Competitive Team Code of Ethics

True North Climbing has a strong commitment to fair play and good sportsmanship, and we insist that everyone who represents the gym at a competition share that commitment. This Code of Ethics must be signed by all competitive team members, parents of Youth competitors, coaches, judges and any other official participating at an event hosted by True North Climbing, or when representing the gym elsewhere.

Respect For The Rules

I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of all rules related to any competition or series I participate in. I promise to abide by the rules at all times. If I am aware of another person violating any published rule, I will report that violation to an official, or ask my coach to do so on my behalf. I will not help any competitor or any other person to violate the rules.

Respect For Other Competitors

I will support other competitors as they try to do their best. I will not interfere in any way with their efforts, or mislead them in any way. The most satisfying results come when everyone is able to perform to the best of their ability.

Respect For The Officials

I understand that those who give their time to volunteer as Judges, Scorekeepers, Isolation Monitors and others are doing their best, and I will show them the respect they deserve. If I disagree with a ruling or procedure I will appeal politely and according to the published rules.

The Agreement

This document is an agreement made in good faith.   While a participating member of the True North Climbing Competitive Team, I agree to:

  1. Act as an ambassador for True North Climbing while I am a member of the team and while participating in competitions.
  2. Perform and conduct myself in a respectful, diplomatic, and disciplined manner, keeping in mind the objectives and image of the Team.
  3. Keep my coach and, when possible, other team members informed of my competitive status and communicate to them my intent to compete.
  4. Keep my coach informed of my physical fitness and health as it relates to my ability to compete in climbing competitions.
  5. Fulfill my responsibilities to the OCF, CEC and IFSC in terms of registration requirements and adherence to the rules of fair competition.
  6. Give mutual respect to the other members of the True North Climbing Team and its coaches.
  7. Keep True North Climbing abreast of all fundraising endeavors, both individual and team-based (this is to prevent any conflicts or misunderstandings arising amongst team members, with True North Climbing, or with sponsors).
  8. Not to use alcohol when in attendance with the True North Climbing Team at all Competitions. Participants shall not be permitted to use alcohol at any time commencing from the Opening ceremonies until the morning after the Closing Ceremonies.
  9. Not to use any banned substances (as defined by World Anti-Doping Association under the Prohibited List) at any point while a member of the True North Climbing Team.
  10. In compliance with the World Anti-Doping Association code, submit to in- or out of- competition testing should it be mandated by WADA, the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sports or the IFSC.
  11. There is zero tolerance for anyone caught using alcohol or banned substances. Any athlete caught using any of these substances will be removed from the team. In addition, the athlete will be required to return all team uniforms (if provided at no cost to the athlete) and will be immediately sent home at their own expense. The decision of the Head Coach and Team Manager regarding these matters is final.
  12. While representing True North Climbing in team training sessions and at Competitions, the competitor will wear the team uniform at all times during official ceremonies, scheduled socializing, or when competing. Please contact the Head Coach if you feel there may an apparel conflict with personal sponsors.

I understand the importance of the above, and that my behaviour reflects on myself, on my teammates, and on True North Climbing. I also understand that my failure to abide by the above terms may result in disqualification and ejection from a competition, suspension or ejection from the True North Climbing Team and/or (for employees) termination of employment.

March 29, 2015 john.gross