Belay/Lead Test

Welcome to TNC – one of the best indoor climbing gyms in Canada!

Our spacious (12,000 square feet – and 15,000 square feet of climbing terrain!), clean and air-conditioned facility is home to some of the best and safest indoor climbing you’ll find anywhere.

Already a climber? 

Fantastic!  We have hundreds of different top-rope, lead routes, and bouldering problems, with the right level of difficulty for beginners to professional monkeys! 

Top-Rope Belay Test

Those who know how to Top-Rope Belay must pass our Belay Safety Test before they are allowed to do so in our gym. This short, free test is available on demand, and requires demonstration of the skills taught in the 1 Hour Introductory Lesson:  putting on the harness, tying in to the rope with a figure-eight follow-through and keeper knot, operating the gri-gri properly, and performing a thorough safety check on one’s climbing partner.

Lead Belay Test

Already know how to Lead?  Before you can lead climb in our gym you must pass our Lead Climbing Test. The test is $20 (refunded if you pass the test), and should be booked in advance to ensure a qualified instructor is available. The test covers all the safety issues related to lead climbing, including proper clipping, rope management, falling and belaying, and includes a deliberate fall to demonstrate that both the climber and belayer know the safe technique required. If you are unable to pass the test, you may apply the $20 fee towards the cost of our Lead Climbing Class.

Please Note:  Those taking the Lead Climbing Class will be given a Lead Test on their next visit to the gym, to show that they have retained what they learned. There is no charge for those who took their Lead Climbing Class at TNC.

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February 20, 2015 ptmvinson