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Adult Lessons

Weekly Technique Classes


Every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 PM we offer a free half-hour technique lesson.  The topics rotate each week (check out our online calendar or the monitor at the TNC Front Desk), and are intended to help new climbers improve their climbing quickly, as well as meet other people to climb with.  These classes are free to all with a day pass or membership.  Check out the Calendar to see what’s being offered this week.

Intermediate Technique Course

$169.50 (HST included)

TNC Member Discount $135.60

The Intermediate Technique Course is for those who have been climbing for a few months or more, and are finding themselves “stuck” at their current level, whether that level is 5.8, 5.9 or 5.10.  The class covers a range of climbing technique that include everything from precision footwork to using momentum. 

Private & Semi-Private Lessons

$70/per Hr & $50/per Hr (HST included)

TNC Member Discount $57/per Hr & $42/per Hr

We can schedule private or semi-private instruction for those who want to work on improving their technique — and get that extra attention!

Lead Climbing Lessons

$226.00 (HST included)

TNC Member Price $180.80

For those who are ready to move on from top-roping and take their climbing to new heights, we offer the Lead Class, which consists of 6 hours of instruction given in two 3-hour sessions, normally held a week apart. The class covers the skills and safety knowledge needed to lead climb in the gym, along with practice to build competence at all the skills. The non-member price includes a two-week membership starting the day of the first lesson.

More Lead Lesson Details

In order to take this course, one of our instructors will assess your climbing level to be sure that you are ready for lead climbing before signing up for this class.  Before taking the Lead class, you should have been climbing for a year or more, and be able to onsight 5.9 routes and redpoint 5.10-. You should expect to climb 8-10 climbs between 5.7-5.9 during each 3 hour session, so you need to be strong enough to do that with a little rest in between climbs.

Those taking this class are expected to provide their own equipment: rope, belay device (choice of a tube device such as a Petzl verso or ATC, or a Grigri, or both) and a locking carabiner for each belay device. We run this class for groups of 2, 4 or 6 people at a time.   Email:

Our lessons prepare climbers to safely climb and belay indoors in our facility. Those interested in climbing outdoors will need further instruction. We strongly recommend hiring a properly-accredited professional outdoor climbing instructor to learn the additional skills needed to climb safely outdoors!

See Prices for more details, or email

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