Our 5th Tour de Bloc comp is now less than a week away. Here`s what you need to know, whether you are a competitor or just a regular climber:

  • On Tuesday we`ll be stripping the traverse bouldering wall on the south side of the gym.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, the entire north half of the gym will be closed, as we crank hard on setting for the comp.
  • On Friday, the gym will be entirely closed all day.
  • On Saturday, only competitors may climb. We encourage climbers of almost every level of ability to come and compete; if you can do some to many of our yellow tape problems, you`re strong enough to have a lot of fun in the Recreational category. Open finals are scheduled to start at 6pm, and spectators are welcome. It`s free, and it`s always a spectacular show.
  • Full schedule for the day is here: http://www.tourdebloc.com/tdb/event-details/?id=25&vid=10
  • We will have a restoration crew working after the comp to get the gym back in order. This event does cause some disruption to our regular routesetting, and it takes a lot of work to recover. By Sunday morning we expect to have some of the qualifying round problems back on the wall, and at least one route on every rope. We`ll continue to work through next week to get things back to normal.
  • These events need a substantial team of volunteers to run smoothly. We need and request your help! We need people for the following roles:
    • Judges: for Open Qualifiers in the morning (12-14), and Open Finals in the evening (8). There will be a judging clinic held Friday evening at 8pm, for those who wish to learn how to judge boulder problems, or refresh their judging skills.
    • Scorekeepers (4): enter scores from score sheets into the online scoring system at the end of each Qualifying round.
    • Timekeeper for Open Finals: you get to blow a whistle!
    • Isolation Monitors for Open Finals (3-4): Supervise the Isolation Zone and escort finalists to/from the bathroom. Isolation Monitors are not able to watch the final round, but if we get enough people to do this, they can take turns and each see some of the action.

All volunteers will be fed lunch and/or dinner as appropriate, and each will receive a TNCI day pass voucher. Those attending the judging clinic Friday night will also get dinner that night.

Please contact Clint Searle: clint.searle@truenorthclimbing.com if you can help, or leave your name, phone number and email address at the front desk at the gym.